Meet Our Team

Wynn Zhou - co-founder / co-PreSIDENT

Wynn Zhou has been playing table tennis at MatchPoint Table Tennis Center for 3 years. Wynn initially picked up table tennis as a way to connect with friends, but began to play in a more professional way in 2022. Wynn hopes to  inspire table tennis players everywhere.

James Yang - co-Founder / co-PreSIDENT

New Jersey resident and a freshman in high school, James has been playing table tennis for 5 years at MatchPoint Table Tennis Center.  Originally a casual player, James began playing more professionally after 2022. James is still very active in the sport, and is seeking to further his understanding of the sport.

Andy Liu-vice president

Andy Liu, 16 years old, is an avid table tennis player and a core member of MatchPoint Table Tennis Center since 2019. Andy is a chopper, which makes him special from most other players. His playing style requires significant footwork and patience during competition, but also enables him to triumph in numerous improbable matches.  Andy actively competes in tournaments individually or as part of a team, and spends a lot of his spare time watching top players’ games to study their techniques. Andy likes to contribute to the community of what he has learned from this fantastic sport. 

Max Liu - vice president

Max Liu, 13 years old, has been playing table tennis since he was seven and is now a proud member of the MatchPoint Table Tennis Center at Whippany NJ. Max is good at playing with short pips and always catches his opponents off guard with his speedy style. Max actively competes in various tournaments and aims to continue increasing his USATT rating among his peer groups. Max enjoys the sport a lot and also loves making friends with other players.

Emma Yang - Honor member

Emma Yang is a fifth grader in New Jersey. She started playing table tennis at the age of 6 for fun. Later as she progressed, she has been training at MatchPoint Table Tennis Center ever since. Emma has won many events and titles. She made it to the USATT Junior National Girls Team of Under 11 Girls at the age of 10 and now is a member of both Under 11 Girls and Under 13 Girls Junior National Girls Teams. Emma hopes that one day she can become an Olympian.

Rassi Zhou - honor member

Rassi Zhou is a 4th grader with a passion for table tennis, she started playing in 2019 as a hobby and now plays professionally. Rassi lives in Florham park and plays at MatchPoint Table Tennis Center. She hopes one day she can join national team.